Colecciones especiales SUR/SAC


Our new Her line is a mix of the future and the present, blending artistry with the latest in digital
technology applied to the world of fashion. Her is born out of that concept. We redesign a classic,
presenting a new version of the Valentina model constructed with the delicacy and precision of a house of cards, using 63 pieces printed in 3D and assembled by hand.
Her is a numbered limited edition that is completely sustainable, using only the material that is really
necessary; it is also plant-based and biodegradable. The result? The least possible amount of waste is
generated to create a very special piece manufactured specifically for each customer and monogrammed
to make it truly one of a kind.
We partner with Comme des Machines, the Spanish company specialised in digital production, to manufacture it.
The result is a fashion concept for today that learns from the past and is inspired by the future.

Colecciones especiales SUR/SACColecciones especiales SUR/SAC
Colecciones especiales SUR/SAC
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